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a guide to helping you make the most out of the Pacific Northwest

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September Wedding Feature by Amy Kluttz Photography

Great accommodations make your wedding experience unforgettable!


Every summer we welcome guests from all around the globe! We've had the pleasure of hosting amazing people from Sweden, Switzerland, New Zealand, Ukraine, Canada and almost all 50 states now (come on ALASKA... we're rooting for you!).


When it comes to accommodations, there's nothing quite like a waterfront VRBO or AirB&B to set the stage. Do you prefer a cabin in the woods? Or perhaps you're more into the resort destination where everybody can be together in one place. Either way, one of the best parts of choosing Grand Pend Oreille is it allows you to expand the typical one day wedding wonder into an epic Pacific Northwest escape where your friends & family can make memories they will cherish for a lifetime!

Things To Do

There are so many things to do around here it's almost impossible to pack it all into one weekend!


Float / Kayak/ Canoe

Image by Jake Nackos

Pontoon Boat & RZR Rentals

Image by Mediamodifier

Relax at the Spa

Riding a Roller Coaster

Theme Parks

Image by Kevin Wolf

Hiking / Swimming & Huckleberry Picking

Guide in a Tourist Bus

Guided Tours

There are so many amazing choices nearby it can be overwhelming to choose the best route to take. To help you understand what options you do have, we've come up with two categories our couples typically fall into. Don't worry, if you're wanting an experience with a little bit of both we'll get into that too!


A. The Local Experience

B. The Resort Experience


For those of you who would consider yourself more geared towards The Local Experience you'll find plenty of waterfront VRBOS, AIR B&B's, RV Resorts and even entire campgrounds with cabins nearby. A word of advice: make sure to plan ahead - this is a very popular spot on the map during the summer months!


With this type of accommodation, it's best to link your guests directly to some favorites you found in our Accommodations Guide given exclusively to our booked couples. Pro tip: you can do this directly from the personal wedding website provided within our online planning portal - hooray! We're always adding amazing places when they pop up and we're seeing so much growth in the area that there's bound to be more and more as the years go by.


What could your guests do when they're not celebrating you? Kayak, boating, hiking, paddle-board, swimming, floating the rivers (yes there's more than 1 nearby), huckleberry picking, check out the local cuisine, rent a razor, check out the National Forests.... or just relax on the shoreline. There is so much to do around here! Our Concierge is more than happy to personalize a list of activities and places available to your guests while they are here.

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Now if you'd consider yourself more geared towards The Resort Experience we've got you covered in all directions (well almost all directions - right now there's not a whole lot West of us but we're hoping that will change soon!)


To the North: the epic Priest Lake. To the East: Sandpoint, ID. To the South(ish): Coeur D'alene, Spokane & Airway Heights. What type of resorts are located here you might ask? Plenty to choose from! You'll find lodging broken down into categories in our Accommodations Guide given exclusively to our booked couples.  


Now this type of lodging experience is best suited for couples looking to provide a place where people can all be together. It's also an amazing way to secure an awesome After Party Destination! If you're the type of couple that is wanting to party far into the night long after the venue closes then this is definitely the right fit for you. How cool would it be to be sent off from the venue by Seaplane to land on the water at The CDA Resort and have all your friends and family meet you there to party-on? Well... it's pretty cool! ;) And definitely an option when you choose Grand Pend Oreille.


Another one of the perks about securing accommodations at a resort is.... discounts! Always reach out to the resort directly and see what type of room block discount they can offer you and your guests. Whether you're having a lot of people travel from out of the area and want a resort close to the airport or if you're looking for a resort that still carries that Pacific Northwest flare - the options here are pretty limitless!


Speaking of options, what could your guests do at a Resort when they're not celebrating you? Depends on the resort! Spa, golf, lake cruise, eagle watching, casinos, shopping, spa, zipline, roller coasters, theme parks, spa, boating, kayak, paddleboard, spa, family fun park, dine on local cuisine & craft beer/wine, downtown shopping, soak in the view, spa... catch my drift? ;) So many relaxing... I mean... fun things to do! ;)

Bride in Limousine

Now, I can hear you saying, "Well that's great but they still have to drive." Not so! Ground transportation options to/from the venue has never been easier with shuttle services, party buses, limo services & even charter buses. It's very common anymore for couples to arrange room blocks & ground transportation for guests coming to celebrate at 'destination' type venues. Though we're really not that far from civilization ;) it is a wonderful courtesy to offer guests ground transportation if it's in your budget to do so. It's always a nice way to make sure everybody gets back home safely too.

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To wrap things up for those who are looking for a mixture of the both, may I introduce: The Coeur D'Alene Resort, Hills Resort, Elkins Resort & Dover Bay Resort... just to name a few. The Pacific Northwest's reputation for pristine natural beauty and luxurious amenities has hit national news on numerous occasions so make sure to book quickly at these locations especially.

If you would like help in securing a room block at any of these resorts or if you have any questions about accommodations or things to do in the area, our Wedding Concierge would be glad to assist you! You can email her directly at


​From Sweden to Africa to New York to Hawaii and everywhere in between - each year we have guests traveling a great distance to experience an incredible wedding on our shores. Great accommodations allow the joy of your event to grow into an experience everyone will cherish forever.



Cheers to making memories and celebrating those you love!

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