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your guide to epic wedding day experiences

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What is an Adventure Session?

A once in a lifetime experience with incredible Pinterest worthy photos you'll want to hang in every room of the home! 


Are Adventure Sessions Included in the venue rental?

Most Adventure Session options are considered a complimentary add on with the Traditional Experience. The Seaplane runs at an hourly rate. For an accurate quote, you'll need to know your landing location (typically Dover Bay Resort or The CDA Resort). Check out the Adventure Session Price List in our exclusive Wedding Experience Guide for more details.

Land & Water Adventure Session options are not available with the Micro Experience due to time constraints. The Seaplane Adventure Session is available for the Traditional, The Micro & the Minimony at an additional cost. 


What type of Adventure Sessions are available?

At Grand Pend Oreille you can experience adventure on your wedding day by boat (Water), seaplane (Air) , hike or mountaintop (Land).


Do I have to be physically fit?

Each type of experience requires differently levels of physical activity. It's important to know your limits & plan accordingly.


Can I take on an Adventure Session later?

Adventure Sessions are designed as a wedding day add-on only. Open House Events are a great way to plan and do some independent trail exploring. 


What type of photographer / videographer should I get?

An adventure lover! Not all media professionals are up for this type of experience so you'll want to make sure you plan ahead and ask questions prior to booking.


Is there a maximum number of people?

Each experience is designed for the couple and their photography / videography team. Typically, that's a maximum of 4 - 5 people. The Seaplane, however, is for the couple only with a 2 person maximum. Your media team can capture everything from the dock, there's just not enough seating in the plane for them as well. 

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Whether you're looking for a truly unique grand exit, entry or cocktail hour - look no further than the seaplane! One of the perks of over 1000' of true waterfront gives you access to this incredible adventure by air. 



Do you have an never ending love of the water? We completely understand! Bring your own boat, canoe, kayak or paddle board and capture a mirror reflection of the most breathtaking golden you could ever imagine.



If you're a bride who's always dreamed of lacing up your hiking boots in your wedding dress and hitting the trail with the love of your life on the most important day,

this is for you!


We've scouted and prepped over 5 different hikes (on site & less than 1 mile from the venue) filled with pristine forests, mountains, meadows & streams sure to take your breath away. Bring a picnic for a quick refresh & make it back with plenty of time for your ceremony to celebrate with all your loved ones!


Pick your Peak

Are the mountain tops calling your name? Take your pic! ;) Bring your 4x4 and follow us into the backcountry where you get to decide which mountain tops get the honor of your love story... there are plenty to choose from! 

Ready to explore the possibilities?

Schedule a complimentary Concierge Video Call to find out more.

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