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Shayne Craig Photography

Welcome to our shores!

We are so excited to meet you & hear about your connection to the couple! Here are a few helpful things to consider to make your experience with us the best.

Key Venue Details:

  • We are considered a private estate style venue so there a few areas of the property that are off limits to guests. We invite you to explore the ceremony & reception spaces but please be aware the Private Residential Areas are restricted. 

  • For safety reasons the private shoreline, boardwalk & dock are for the couple & their photography team only. If they are doing a water based send off, you'll be able to see them clearly from the ceremony & reception shoreline.

  • For parents, please keep your children well supervised at all times! The river current might look slow from the shore but we assure you it is quite quick. 

  • For fishermen, it may look enticing but let's remember the reason we're here ;)  Fishing is not permitted at any point of the event. 

  • We love dogs, however they are not allowed at the venue. Service & ring bearer dogs are the only exception and they must remain on a leash at all times.

  • You'll find the main entrance just past the sign on the left. Parking will be to your right.

  • From the parking area, please make your way to the welcome area either in the woodlands or the estate lawn. Here you'll find a venue map, welcome & gift tables, casual seating and plenty of photo opportunities to meet & greet as everybody arrives.​

  • For guests traveling from afar, we hope you'll find our Accommodations Guide helpful as you prepare your transportation & overnight stays. We've had the pleasure of welcoming guests from all over the world (Sweden, New Zealand, Switzerland, Hawaii, North Carolina, Texas, New York, California... to name just a few). Please make sure to let us know where you're traveling from so we can welcome you to the Pacific Northwest properly! 

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