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We're so glad you're coming!

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October Wedding Feature by Rhiannon Mim Photography

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Please review these important tips prior to the big day!

We are so excited to meet you & hear about your connection to our beloved couple! Here are a few helpful things to consider to make your experience with us the best.

For a list of lodging options nearby please reference our Lodging Guide:

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  • When you arrive, please make your way through the Woodland Welcome area and directly to the ceremony location. We may still be getting the final details prepped in the Waterfront Barn - thank you in advance!

  • Dogs & pets are not allowed at the venue or the parking lot, this includes waiting in a vehicle. Service & ring bearer dogs are the only exception and they must remain on a leash at all times.

  • We are considered a private estate style venue so there a few areas of the property that are off limits to guests. We invite you to explore the ceremony & reception spaces but please be aware the Private Residential Areas are restricted. 

  • For parents, please keep your children well supervised at all times! The river current might look slow from the shore but we assure you it is quite quick. ​ Jumping or standing on benches, wine barrels, decor stumps & other venue decor is not permitted, serious injury can occur.

  • For safety reasons the private shoreline, boardwalk & dock are for the couple & their photography team only. If they are doing a water based send off, you'll be able to see them clearly from the ceremony & reception shoreline.

  • For fishermen, it may look enticing but let's remember the reason we're here ;)  Fishing is not permitted at any point of the event. ​

  • You'll find the main entrance just past the sign on the left. Parking will be to your right.

  • For guests traveling from afar, we hope you'll take advantage of our concierge service to assist you with local activity guides.  We've had the pleasure of welcoming guests from all over the world and love giving them the opportunity to experience this magical place to its fullest. Please make sure to let us know where you're traveling from so we can welcome you to the Pacific Northwest properly! 

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