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for booked couples, prospective couples & the community

Wedding Dress

March 25th, 2023

3pm - 7pm

RSVP Required

Flower Bouquet

April 28th, 2023

3pm - 7pm

RSVP Required

Wedding and Engagement Rings

May 26th, 2023


RSVP Required



Who can attend an Open House Event? 

Booked couples, prospective couples & the public. 

Are reservations required? 

Yes please. To best serve you, please make your reservation above. 

Are refreshments available? 

We'll have non-alcoholic drinks & light snacks available. 

Can I arrive early? 

Please arrive at your designated reservation start time. 

Can I bring a picnic? 

Absolutely! Don't forget a blanket & chairs & enjoy the view. 

Are chairs & tables provided? 

We'll have some chairs and tables out available on first come first serve.

Can I bring my own alcohol? 

Sorry, no alcohol but sparkling cider is great!

Can I have an elegant picnic set up prior to my arrival? 

Absolutely! Check out Pop Up Picnic Spokane and just let us know. 

Can I use this time to plan a proposal? 

Of course! These shores were made for incredible memories. 

Can I bring a photographer for family photos? 

Yes! These epic backdrops are for more than weddings.

Can I bring a photographer for engagement photos? 

Absolutely! A definite perk for our booked couples & the public.

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