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It's an incredible journey, we hope you're enjoying it!


Peggy McDaniel 


Susan Radezky
Wedding Concierge


Make sure to view the Self Guided Virtual Tour

before arriving at the venue.

In order to better serve you, here are a  few helpful reminders to know and have completed prior to your Venue Tour:

  • As much as we'd love to welcome every dog we can, we are only able to accommodate service animals & ring bearer dogs (on the day of the wedding) at the venue. Service dogs are welcome as long as they remain on a leash. Prior approval is required & breed restrictions do apply for ring bearer dog's. You'll also need to bring a designated shelter/place for them to rest, eat & stay hydrated. Please come prepared with disposable doggie bags and keep a watchful eye to maintain cleanliness of the venue. 

  • Public restrooms are not available in the off season (Nov-April). Please plan on stopping in at Nomad Coffee Company (just past the bridge on your right) for a restroom break and complimentary coffee on us! Just let them know we'll pick up the tab (valid Nov-April only). Thank you - we apologize about the inconvenience! 

  • Please give us 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule to make way for any couples being patient on the waiting list.

  • When you arrive, you'll find the entrance just past the main sign on your left. Please park in front of the Waterfront Barn where your host will be waiting for you. 

  • If we're wrapping up another Venue Tour please make yourself at home and have a look around!

  • Most everything you need to know about booking a wedding with us is actually on the website! We've found the more information you have read before a tour allows you to fully experience the landscape and envision your day when you're here. We are happy to answer any questions you may have but please make sure to visit the About Us, Investment, & FAQ pages before your tour. 

  • When you're on your way, it's best to type in Grand Pend Oreille Weddings into your GPS to get the accurate directions. If you type in the actual address it will most likely take you to a different location - we are working with google to make sure they understand the actual way to get here but apparently these things take time.

  • Please have your guest count & total budget realized prior to your tour. We find that most couples that book with us have a TOTAL wedding budget of  $15,000 - $25,000 (including dress, catering, venue, decorations, florals etc.). Of course it can be done less or more, but we want those conversations to happen before you get to fall in the love with the view and we get to fall in love with your story. 


We look forward to seeing you soon!

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