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Iraflo Media June 2022

We're so excited to meet you!

Now that your private on-site tour is confirmed, we just wanted to reach out and tell you how EXCITED we are to meet you and learn more about your dream wedding! This is such an exciting (and busy) time and we sure are grateful you've made us a priority.

Too excited to wait? We got you ;)


Below you'll find a 3D virtual tour of the Woodlands Ceremony location, the Waterfront Barn, the Bridal Suite & the Private Shoreline.


Make sure to press the > play button at the bottom left hand - this will take you on an effortless stroll through the venue.


** This virtual walkthrough was taken during October 2023 parking expansion & upgrade construction - we appreciate your grace! Projects will be finished by November 2023 **


Password: bestdayever

Pacific Pine Films July 2022

Venue Comparison Chart

If you're feeling a bit of overwhelm trying to keep all the different venues straight, we hope you'll take advantage of our Venue Comparison Chart.


We're all about making this journey to I-Do as stress-free & memorable as possible for you.... even finding the perfect venue.

Exclusive Wedding Experience Guide

For a quick review of our venue inclusions & pricing here's an easy link to the Grand Pend Oreille Wedding Experience Guide.

Pacific Pine Films August 2022

Here are a few helpful reminders to help you prepare for the best tour experience:


  • When you're on your way, it's best to type in Grand Pend Oreille Weddings into your GPS to get the accurate directions. If you type in the actual physical address it will most likely take you to a different location - we are working with google to make sure they understand the actual way to get here but apparently these things take time.


  • When you arrive, you'll find the entrance just past the main sign on your left. Please park in front of the Waterfront Barn where your host will be glad to meet you.


  • Dogs are not permitted at the venue. Service animals and ring bearer dogs are welcome as long as they remain on a leash. Prior approval is required & breed restrictions do apply for ring bearer dog's.


  • Most everything you need to know about booking a wedding with us is actually in the Wedding Experience GuideWe've found the more information you have read before a tour allows you to fully experience the landscape and envision your day when you're here. Please make sure to send a link to all decision makers prior to your tour so everybody understands our venue details & inclusions.


  • Please have your guest count & total budget realized prior to your tour. We find that most couples that book with us have a TOTAL wedding budget of $15,000 - $35,000 (including dress, catering, venue, decorations, florals etc.). Of course it can be done less or more, but we want those tough conversations to happen before you get to fall in the love with the view and we get to fall in love with your story. 


  • Please bring everybody involved in making the decision to the tour. We'll have refreshments ready for the total you gave us on your reservation, if that number has changed - please let us know. 


  • Lastly, please allow enough time for a quick pit stop for restrooms. On-site portable restrooms are reserved for wedding weekends and may not be available at your designated tour time.

​Remember to secure your tour time by clicking the reconfirmation button on your reminder email or text you'll be receiving the day before your tour. Please give us at at least 24 hours if you need to cancel or reschedule.


For the time being...

...we hope the videos above give you a sneak peak into Grand Pend Oreille! Feel free to explore some of our favorite blogs below for more wedding day inspiration. Each blog has a different wedding feature for even more photos:


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We're here for you every step of the way! Feel free to reach out via text, email or phone call anytime.


We'll see you soon!



At your service,


Peggy & Susan

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