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Why you need a professional coordinator.

Updated: Dec 21, 2022


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For this weeks post we wanted to dive into this crucial piece of the wedding day puzzle and why we think it is something you do not want to miss!

After being in the industry for almost a decade now and being part of over a hundred weddings, both with and without wedding coordinators, we can 100% confidently say - without a shadow of a doubt -that if you really want to enjoy your wedding day, you need a professional wedding day coordinator.



If this crucial piece wasn't on your list of hires, allow me to paint a wedding day picture for you:

You arrive on your wedding day with everything ready to go! You're so excited - wedding day bliss is setting in. You have boxes of decorations you want placed exactly where you had envisioned, caterer scheduled to arrive at the perfect time, bar service lined up, cake and florals ready for delivery. Maybe you even put a team of family or friends together to do the decorating! Wahoo - you're all set right?

Now you're getting ready in the Retreat and in comes cousin Sophia with a million questions about where you want this or that. Or even worse you come out and your centerpieces look nothing like what you had wanted. What about the welcome tables & gifts decorations? Who will be leading the processional for the ceremony and cuing the DJ so your guests aren't waiting and waiting for the main event?

What about your announcement as a newlywed couple into the reception? Who's keeping track of the marriage license for you to sign? When are you going to sign in? Now think of who will direct the catering, DJ, florals & cake when the arrive at the venue while you're trying to do your first look and family photos? Who's making sure your schedule is being maintained? What about cutting the cake? Did you bring utensils? Who will coordinate your grand exit?

Overwhelmed yet? Those are just some examples of wedding day bliss being stolen by details of the day! The professional who can take care of all of this and more so you and your family & friends can enjoy the day stress free is....... the Professional Wedding Coordinator!



Now let me be clear here... we're not talking a family member or friend who is 'really organized' and 'could do the job'. The truth of the matter is even the most organized person, if not a professional in this field, is bound to miss a crucial detail to making your wedding day unforgettable (in a good way!). What if you're confident in your friend or family member and it turns out to be unforgettable in the worst of ways? We don't want that kind of strain on any of your relationships which is another reason why we decided it to be so important to help guide our couples to trusted & incredible professionals.

You still may be thinking to yourself, "Look.. I'm a planner - I got this!". That is great and we love it when a couple knows exactly what they want and exactly how to get there. On the other hand, you may now be thinking to yourself, "Oh my.... it's time to assume the fetal position... I don't even know where to start!." That's great too - just take a deep breath - we got you! Our list of Favorite Vendors provides a variety of wonderful coordinators offering packages and services to fit each couples needs and budget. Whether it be full on planning from start to finish or just day of coordination to make sure everything runs smoothly.



Pro TIp: When searching for a wedding coordinator, make sure to interview them and find your perfect fit that matches with your personality & needs. It makes me so nervous when I see venues offering coordination services included in their packages. What if the couple's personality doesn't fit well with the coordinator?

Thankfully, you don't have that stress with us! Make sure to check out our list of favorites to find your perfect fit. We are always growing our Favorite Vendors list with professionals we trust to take the best care of our couples.



To help further drive this important wedding day position home, we brought in an award winning professional... one of our absolute favorites... Sydney Schatz with A Piece of Harmony Events.

Here's what she has to say:

"As a wedding planner, I am there to work specifically for you and to bring your vision to life. With years of expertise, my goal is to guide you through the planning process by listening, advising and trying to remove as much stress as possible. My experience in the field has also given me numerous contacts and vendor relationships in this area that can save you hours of research and allow me to help maximize your budget. Then, when the big day comes all you have to do is enjoy, embrace and watch the magic unfold around you. Keeping things running on time, crafting layouts and design plans are just a couple of the additional perks that come with having a wedding planner on your team and by your side the day of your wedding.”

She had me at 'trying to remove as much stress as possible', what about you? Sydney is incredible and we cannot thank her enough each and every time she brings our couples wedding vision to life. She works so hard to make sure you are able to enjoy your wedding day stress free. Thank you Syndey!


You can find out more about Syndey & her amazing services on her website:

Photo Credit: Cane Photo


So there you have it! We hope this has helped you understand why this role is so important to your big day. You have so many options & we are here for you every step of the way!

Enjoy the journey,

Peggy & Susan

Grand Pend Oreille

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