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What to Expect from an Open House Event

You've probably heard us say several times how much we love sharing these shores with people who love and appreciate its beauty as much as we do. In fact we love it so much that each month during wedding season we open the venue up for Open House Events.

We started this in 2021 to give our booked couples an opportunity to visit on site as often as they'd like in the months leading up

to their big day. Throughout the past couple years, we've heard countless times from guests how much they'd love to be able to come and soak in the view again. Our response... we've now expanded our invite list to include booked couples, prospective couples & the community as well!

Each Open House Event has specific time frames locked in to make the most of each visit. Our Booked Couples received a VIP Invite to visit for any of the following reasons:

If you're a prospective couple, this is also a great time to schedule a tour & check out what you could be a part of long term (spoiler alert... you can come back & celebrate your anniversary on the shores where it all happened!)

For community members (local & afar) & even for previous guests who've attended a wedding here in the past (and wished you could come back) - you're officially welcome to come visit at these events too!

These epic landscapes were made for making memories so we hope you'll join us for each one! As word continues to spread, we're looking to add fun themes to these events like yoga on the shoreline, mobile sauna experiences, paint and sip and much more (invite your friends & family for an incredible day of the great Pacific Northwest!).

Reservations are required for all Open House Events so make sure to RSVP asap. When you arrive, make sure to check in at the Waterfront Barn for some light refreshments & a welcoming hello. We'll have venue maps & additional information available for you.

In the meantime, make sure to stay in the know by subscribing to our newsletter & follow us on instagram for photos, videos & more!

Visit our website to find out more about the next Open House Event & make your reservation. Availability is limited & reservations are required so start your planning - future dates will be released soon!

We look forward to connecting with you this season!

Enjoy the Journey,

Peggy & Susan

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