Is the Minimonie Experience right for you?

Updated: Nov 19

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What is a Minomonie?

Let's get the COVID PTSD out of the way shall we? It's not a pop-up - its not a microwedding - it's not even considered an elopement. So what is it you ask again!? Let's get right to it!

The Grand Pend Oreille Minimonie Experience is for the budget conscious couple who desire sharing a gorgeous wedding day with their closest family & friends.

It includes all of our standard venue inclusions:

  • Ceremony benches & choice of arbor (we're adding a triangle this year!)

  • Reception tables, chairs & linens

  • Guide to getting married at Grand Pend Oreille & personal online planning portal (amazing tool - it even includes a personal wedding website builder!!)

  • VIP Access to all Open House Events for planning & visiting the venue

  • Venue decor access

  • Bridal Retreat & Groom's Base Camp

  • Inviting outdoor powder room & portable restrooms

  • And of course... over 1000' of breathtaking shoreline full of epic PNW backdrops.

The only difference between the Minimonie & the Traditional Experience is the amount of time (6 hours instead of 10) and the amount of people (up to 100 instead of 150).

Our Minimonie experience is for the couple who wants all the traditional wedding day has to offer without the pricetag. Having up to 100 people still allows you to invite your closest circle of family and friends who you know will continue to be part of your life after the wedding. It also gives you more time to celebrate with each one of them and let them know how important they are to you.

We understand that the venue is a big part of your dream wedding but the other pieces have to fit too, right? You still have to find the perfect dress, book the incredible photographer, hire the delicious catering, order the drinks & bar service, etc. The fact that everything adds up so quickly can be a big problem. So we brought in the perfect solution... you guessed it... the Minimonie!

Now you may be saying to yourself, "Wow that's a great deal but is 6 hours really enough time?". Great question! The best answer - absolutely! Can a wedding be prepped, celebrated & cleaned up in 6 hours? It does take coordination & planning but we've seen it done very successfully many times before. If you feel you may be rushed a bit, another great option to get ready at a great local waterfront VRBO or in one of the many beautiful hotels nearby and then arrive at the venue ready to start your day. When you arrive ready all you need to do is head straight to the Bridal Retreat & Groom's Base Camp to wait for first looks & the ceremony to begin. You can even rent a limo to make sure the wedding party arrives together at the same time. It's a great way to start the day & always makes for an incredible send off!

Here's an example of what a Minimonie timeline could look like for you:

4:00: Arrive at the venue! (Busy time!)

  • Either arrive ready to go or ready to hussle! You'll feel less pressed for time even in you have hair/makeup done prior to arrival and save the dress photos for when you arrive.

  • Decor team arrives & gets busy! Typically, a group of 5-10 people can get the ceremony & reception spaces decorated in an hour depending on the level of difficulty - using the venue decor & keeping things simple saves on time & budget here.

  • Another incredible option you have with the Minimonie is the budget flexibility to hire a professional Wedding Coordinator. In addition to taking the weight of the world off your shoulders you'll find many coordinators also carry decor inventory you can use. It's so helpful to have a professional keep your timeline going since it is a shorter window to work with. Plus to be able to save on decor while having a trusted professional take care of all the details is an amazing deal!

  • Vendor team arrives too!

4:30: Photos begin with bride/bridesmaids, groom/groomsmen. Helpful Tip: Having a photography team of two definitely helps here!

4:45: First looks

5:30 Ceremony begins

6:00 Cocktails/ appetizers for guests & newlywed/family photos

6:30 Reception starts

7:30: Toasts

7:45 First Dances

8:00-9:30 Let's PARTY!

9:30 Grand Exit - Fun Option: Seaplane departure to CDA Resort anyone? ;)

9:30-10:00: Clean Up time. The more hands to help, the faster it goes! Our rule of thumb is please leave it like you found it & if you brought it in please take it out.

10:00 Venue Closes - Fun Option: Hire round trip Party Bus transportation for your guests so they can safely meet you for your after party at the CDA Resort!

Bottom line, even with a tight budget you can still have it all with the Minimonie Experience! We understand that you want your dream wedding to be affordable and inclusive at the same time. Is that really too much to ask for these days? We don't think it's too much to ask for at all and we work hard to give each of our couples a beautiful day according to their needs and budget.

If you feel the Minimonie Experience would be a great fit for you please make sure to take the next step & schedule your venue tour on our website at:

As always, from venue to vendors we want you to find your perfect fit! We are so honored each & every time we get to welcome a new couple into the Grand Pend Oreille family and hope the Minimonie Experience will allow us to serve more amazing couples in the future!

Happy Trails,

Peggy & Susan :)

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