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a blog for those wondering if we provide sound equipment

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July Wedding Feature by Golden Hour Photography

We've had so many couples recently ask us if we provide sound equipment. Our answer is always, 'we let the professionals take care of that!'. To better explain why a DJ is so imperative to creating an exceptional wedding day we packed a ton of information here for you to consider. Though we don't require a DJ, we've seen first hand what not having a DJ looks like & we would not wish that on any couple! 

The Duties of a DJ

If you're saying to yourself, I just can't afford it - rest assured, there are many other ways to cut the budget, we would never suggest cutting a DJ to be one of those. A professional DJ does so much more than play music and it is a MUCH harder job than you think. AND, many of them come with so many incredible perks like specialty lighting, cold sparklers and theme lighting just to name a few. 

We have so many incredible professionals on our Favorite Vendors list that we trust to take care of you & make your wedding truly exceptional! If you need further assistance trying to decipher budget priorities, we're here to help!

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