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the most important step in creating your dream wedding

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August Wedding Feature by Emma Grimes Photography

You may be wondering if our venue is the right fit for you based on your budget. With the average wedding today costing around $20,000-$35,000, it may seem a bit daunting to try to decipher your total wedding budget. Here's a simple breakdown:

  • Wedding venue:      $6,000

  • Catering:                  $2000 -4,000

  • Band or DJ:             $2,000 –$7,000

  • Wedding planner:   $1,500 –$4,750

  • Photographer:         $3,500 –$6,500

  • Flowers:                    $2,500 –$6,000

  • Cake:                        $600 –$900

                     TOTAL:       $21,150 $36,000


Now, the most important part - don’t panic! The average budget at our venue can start at around $15,000!!!

Our Favorite Vendors list (given exclusively to our booked couples) can help save you time and money. We have amazing budget friendly professionals such as photographers starting at $500, catering starting at $16 per person, wedding planners: $500, DJ: 800, flowers & greenery (bulk) $1000 You’ve just saved over $6,600 from the average costs!

Money Saving Amenities

Included at no additional cost!


Foundational Decor

Log rounds & lantern centerpieces, glass cylinders for candles, your choice of arbor, misc signs & baskets are all here for you!

Wedding Dress

Personal Planning Portal

Access to our Favorite budget friendly vendors, lodging options, customized checklist & even a personalized wedding website!


Open House Events

Plan on site as often as you like and take the guess work out of the big day (or just bring a picnic for some R&R - you deserve it!)

Because we want the best experience for all of our couples, their family & friends, we


  • Allow you to choose your own vendor team (don't worry, we have a list of amazing professionals, or of course you can choose your own)

  • Special discount if you choose to hire a wedding coordinator (high recommended, but not required)

As is standard with almost all venues, we require:

  • Catering with licensed & insured professional only (no one wants food poisoning for their guests)

  • Day of event insurance (liability coverage for your peace of mind, covers couples' parents as well, est cost $240)

  • Licensed Bartender for beer, wine, & champagne service (no hard alcohol)

    • Choose from personal bartender ($250 for 5 hours) or go all out with a full service mobile bar

Three Ways to Keep Costs Low


Focus the Guest List

Cost per guest is a big part of your wedding budget! Don’t be guilt tripped to invite people you don’t want to come - it's your big day. Prioritize your catering budget and use a tiered invitation system (A|B).  


Prioritize Funds

Define what's most important to you. Is it the venue, the food, the photographer, the florals, the dress? Allocate funds based on your priorities. 


Keep it Simple

With so much natural beauty surrounding our venue don’t feel the need to stress about extra decor - the mountains, sparkling water & towering trees won't let you down ;)

We work very hard to keep our amenities inclusive and our rental rates affordable. You'll find all you need to make an incredible wedding day without any hidden fees or gratuity charges - tax is even included.


Now add access to The Retreat, The Suite, The Basecamp and the 1000+ feet of waterfront set on over 5 acres of woodland wonder... though we find all the memories made there to be pretty priceless & we think you'll agree! ;)

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